German Company “Teigwaren Riesa GmbH”

Teigwaren Riesa has grown to be one of the largest pasta producers in Germany.


This pasta factory was founded in 1914 by “Großeinkaufs-
gesellschaft Deutscher Consumvereine GmbH“ (GEG) a large German food corporation. The history of this pasta producer in Riesa is one of mechanization and automation. The factory was constantly a leader in the market while investing in the most modern engineering.

In 1941 GEG was shut down and after the war belonged
to the consumer cooperative of the DDR. Under the DDR,
the pasta factory developed and grew to be the largest
and most efficient pasta distributer in Germany.

After the reunification of Germany, the market needed to be brought together. The DDR then sold the factory to the Swabian company ALB-GOLD, who founded the company Teigwaren Riesa GmbH in 1993.

Through a new production line, modern marketing, the best raw materials, and a high knowledge of pasta, they succeeded to breach the market.

With the slogan “Volle Nudelkraft voraus!“ or “With Full Pasta Power Ahead!”, the company maintained its market leadership in eastern Germany since 1997.

Today, Riesa is one of the most modern pasta producers in the world. The Riesa brands stand for
a long tradition of the best quality and innovative ideas.

From company’s web site

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