EYE comenius project

The purpose of this project is to give our students the opportunity to learn about how to do business in European atmosphere with fellow young Europeans from Lithuania, Greece, England, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

Within the EU the creation of European business relationships is of paramount importance to the future growth and integration of member states. Through the EYE project young students aged 14-16 will work together to create their own international companies and work with fellow European students to learn, share and create innovative businesses on a European platform. The focus of the project will be for each school to create a company and from that company a product that will be sold at 2 international fairs held over the course of the project. The product needs to come from the minds of the students involved in the project with a focus on environmental awareness and cultural appreciation in the creation of the product. These are important aspects in the production of the product as the students will aim to sell these products in foreign countries and using their local culture will add to the products European diversity. A local “godfather” company will assist the schools at each stage.

During each exchange students will take part in company visits and workshops based on helping them develop their business and product. Students will also need to create a 6 part Company portfolio detailing the steps necessary to create both their company and product. At each stage of the project stages students activities will be integrated into the curriculum of the school. Through this students will learn about all aspects of the business process as well as giving them the chance to actually work in an international European environment.


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