Olive Honor

Comenius Project – Enterprising Young Europeans

Dedicated to our Comenius friends:

Europe is a multicultural place of diversity. We see it in the Beautiful Languages, History, Traditional Songs and Dances, Rich Customs and the Unique Cuisines of so many lovely countries.

In the warm Mediterranean climate of Greece, Olive trees are plentiful. They are highly considered Sacred, as Thomas Jefferson quoted; “The Olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven.” Olives are seen as a Symbol of Abundance, Olive Oil as Health and the Olive Leaf as a Universal Symbol of Peace. According to the Bible Passage in Genesis (8:11): the graceful Dove returned to Noah’s Ark with a freshly plucked Olive Leaf when God had made Peace with Man.

Great inspiration carefully guided us to amazingly create this superb product!!

We would like to present OLIVE PASTE to YOU! It is made of only fresh wholesome ingredients. You will experience a Unique Taste of Greece blended with High Quality Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This delicious, smooth and nutritional paste can be used as it is: for a Dip, an Appetizer, or Sandwich Spread. It enhances a distinctive flavour to Salads, Cheese and anything else that you can possibly imagine!!

This valuable product was created with respect and love for our tradition as well as a zealous passion for Top Quality! We are indeed pleased to share it with YOU!!

O Olive Tree, blessed be the Earth that nourishes you and blessed be the Water you drink from the clouds and thrice blessed HE who sent you for the poor man’s lamp and the Saint’s candle-light.

Folk Song from Crete

Love and Respect

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