1st part of portfolio – How do I start a company? (Draft)


The idea constitutes the core of modern enterprising activity, the enterprising process begins with the determination and the evaluation of an idea, the enterprising idea.

In this frame the work team of the program realized her first meeting on Saturday 22 October 2011 where we had our first initial briefing from the responsible teachers.

 In the particular meeting the work team was informed for the program Comenius, for the aim and the objective of this program <<Enterprising Young Europeans>>. Also we had an initial discussion on the basic steps that will follow the team and the basic characteristics that could have the product or the service that will be created.

………. and our adventure in the world of business dexterity starts ………

Enterprising idea-Product

Our first priority was to choose a product which would have the following characteristics and which would be produced from the company that we would set up:

  • Recycling Product
  • Local Product
  • Meteora
  • Kalampaka
  • Pioneering Product
  • Innovative
  • Simple

Taking into account the way of how we will reach our enterprising idea we tried to apply the technique of brainstorming so as to end up to our product. At the beginning we put the above limits/key words that we would like to have our product and then we tried to think and write to the black board the first words which came to our mind. After an hour we understood that the things weren’t as easy as we thought. The original suggestions were:

  • Package for food
  • Cheese
  • Olive
  • Olive Pasta
  • Candles
  • Holy Pictures
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Tourist Guide
  • Greek Marsh-mallow with fruits
  • Umbrella
  • Flying Killer
  • Traditional Pastries

The idea that we would choose one of the above products wasn’t really exciting so we went to our homes being confused. The next time we met things were different. This time we conceived that enterprise is something more serious than we thought and that we should think in a more mature way without losing our imagination and the freshness of our age. In this meeting our products about the company’s product were much better and more attractive. In particularly we proposed the following products:

  • Gems from recycling products
  • Fridge Products made of recycling cardboard
  • Bags from recycling products
  • Cups for coffee with peculiar design
  • Olive Pasta in small jars with tag from recycling paper
  • Traditional Pastries

From the above products we chose two of them:

  • Gems from recycling products
  • Olive Pasta in small jars with tag from recycling paper

Then we separated in two groups and every group took one of the products to design analyze it.

After a couple of days we got together again to present to each other the information we collected for our products. The group that chose gems presented the basic steps considering the construction of a ring (raw materials, the procedure of editing and the presentation of the final product).

The second team presented the olive pasta, ways in which it can be produced, the recipes, the appearance of the little jars, the way that paper can be recycled and presented.

Following, we got into the procedure of choosing the product which could be produced by our company. The procedure was simple, taking into consideration a very good opinion of both products, we chose olive pasta. The olive pasta has almost all the characteristics we wanted our product to have. The procedure of the production was the one that excited us because it seems to appear a vast line of producing steps, like the research of new materials, the edit and the formation and the final appearance. In addition, the procedure of recycling the paper that will follow the little jar seems to be very interesting.

The name of our company


El =Ellas (Greece)

Elitsa= Elia (Olive)

com= virtual

com = Comenius

The organizational chart

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