Greek Company: “Dairy Industry TYRAS S.A.”

General Information

The Dairy Industry TYRAS S.A. with its long experience produces milk and cheese products in its modern installations at the 5th km of the road Trikala – Pyli. Faithfull to the tradition and with its seat in Trikala in Thessaly, the company invests in the experience of its people and in the new technologies for its further development.

The detailed business planning in connection with the high proficiency, the knowledge, the experience and the love and pleasure of all its personnel constitute today the basic factors for the development of TYRAS. The production plant with its latest technology is situated in a privately owned area of 151.000 m² and takes up a space of 37.000m². The company’s products are sold in bulk, standardized and in catering packages offering a great variety that covers all the gastronomic needs and demands of the clients. The continuous development of the company, the investments in manpower and equipment, permits TYRAS to enrich the range of its products always offering excellent products of unique tastes.

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