Notes from teachers meeting, Lithunania- 27.09-28.09 2011

Exchange dates:

Finland: week 9- September 27th and 2nd travel days with the actual exchange taking place on the 28, 29 and 1st.

Denmark: week 17- 23rd to 27th of April

Lithuania: September 2011 (details to be decided during Danish exchange)

Greece: January 2012

Germany: April last week maybe- International fair

If we send a minimum of 2 teachers and 4 students that will total 24 mobilities. If you wish to send more then contact the hosting country and ask if it is possible.



Title: Company creation and design

–         How do I start a company?

–         Design – (creation, innovation etc)

–         Presentation to be made about company idea- 5 mins- 6-8 slides (no need to be too long!)


Title: Production process

–         Labour, employment

–         Production planning


Title: Marketing

–         Details to be organized during Danish exchange


Title: Advertising

–               Details to be organized during Lithuanian exchange


Title: Presentation and sales

–         Product must be ready for international fair


–         Details to be organized during Greek exchange

–         Start planning and thinking about what companies you can contact to take part in the project.

–         Greece will create and maintain (with help f

rom the pa

rtners!) the websites

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